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Interchange notability


In conjunction with the discussion at USRD talk, I'm commenting on notability in my opinion of Turnpike interchanges (see notes column below).

CountyLocationmikmOld exitNew exitDestinationsNotes
WilliamsNorthwest0.00.0 I-80 / I-90 / Indiana Toll Road
2.03.2 SR 49Added interchange - notable
2.74.3Westgate Toll Barrier
46.4Westgate Toll Barrier (under construction)
Holiday City13.521.7213 SR 15 / US 20AAlt. 20 did not originally run here - only notable in the Alt. 20 article
Brady20.833.5Indian Meadow Service Plaza (westbound) Tiffin River Service Plaza (eastbound)
FultonFranklin25.541.02A25 SR 66Added interchange - notable
Dover34.956.2334 SR 108Not notable
Pike39.864.13B39 SR 109Added interchange - notable
LucasMonclova49.078.9Oak Openings Service Plaza (westbound) Fallen Timbers Service Plaza (eastbound)
Toll Barrier (under construction)
52.684.73A52 SR 2Added interchange - notable

US 20 to I-475 / US 23
Nothing notable about interchange; access route to I-475/US-23 changed when Salisbury Rd interchange opened on that highway, possibly notable on the 475 article but not the Turnpike one
WoodRossford64.9104.44A64 I-75Added interchange - especially notable due to the three interstates

I-280 north / SR 420 south
Interchange completely rebuilt and slightly reconfigured, but not notable due to being in the same basic footprint
OttawaHarris76.9123.8Blue Heron Service Plaza (westbound) Wyandot Service Plaza (eastbound)
81.8131.65A81 SR 51Added interchange - notable
SanduskySandusky91.6147.4691 SR 5353 interchange replaced by roundabout in 2021; probably not notable on its own, but looks like it was part of the same project to modernize the toll collection
Riley100.0160.9Erie Islands Service Plaza (westbound) Commodore Perry Service Plaza (eastbound)
ErieGroton110.2177.36A110 SR 4Added interchange - notable
Milan118.5190.77118 US 250Not notable
To SR 2
Added interchange - notable
Amherst139.5224.5Middle Ridge Service Plaza (westbound) Vermilion Valley Service Plaza (eastbound)
140.6226.37B140 SR 58Added interchange - notable
I-90 east / SR 2
Added interchange when this section of I-90 opened - notable
Elyria145.5234.28145 SR 57Provides missing movements for Exit 142
N Ridgeville151.8244.39A151
I-480 east
Added interchange when I-480 opened - notable
To SR 10
Provides missing movements for Exit 151; signed designation of SR-10 differs from actual designation of SR-10C due to the former being located
CuyahogaStrongsville161.8260.410161 I-71 / US 42New connector to I-71 was built when I-71 opened and existing interchange was altered to connect to the new connector - likely no need to note, though
Broadview Hts170.1273.7Great Lakes Service Plaza (westbound) Towpath Service Plaza (eastbound)
SummitRichfield173.2278.711173 I-77 / SR 21Original US-21 interchange was altered to connect to I-77; unlike I-71/US-42, probably should be noted due to the decades between I-77's completion and the connection to it
Boston Hts180.3290.212180 SR 8Ramps were added to the SR-8 end with SR-8's upgrade, but none to the Turnpike end so not notable
I-480 west / SR 14
I-480 originally used SR-14's original single overpass, the twin overpasses came later - not notable
Shalersville193.9312.113A193 SR 44Added interchange - notable
Freedom197.0317.0Portage Service Plaza (westbound) Brady's Leap Service Plaza (eastbound)
TrumbullBraceville209.2336.714209 SR 5Loop ramp to SR-5 eastbound altered to include T intersection - not notable
211340Toll Barrier (under construction)
Lordstown215.0346.014A215Ellsworth–Bailey RdAdded interchange - notable
216.4348.314B216GM ParkwayAdded interchange - notable
I-80 east
Notable in that the original interchange to SR-18 was closed when a completely separate interchange was built at I-76/80, then partially reopened decades later to provide a new connection to what became CR-18

I-76 west
See above
Beaver232.9374.816232 SR 7Provides missing movements for Exit 234
I-680 north
Added interchange when I-680 opened - notable
Springfield237.2381.7Mahoning Valley Service Plaza (westbound) Glacier Hills Service Plaza (eastbound)
239.1384.8Eastgate Toll Barrier
I-76 Toll / Penna Turnpike
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Mapsax (talk) 02:06, 26 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]

@Mapsax: notable in what sense? What are you suggesting be changed? Imzadi 1979  02:14, 26 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]
[EC] Notable with respect to either the reconfiguration or the addition of ramps, either from scratch or tacked on to existing ones. This is part of the continuing discussion noted above, and I'm trying to eliminate candidates which would likely be reverted if added. Mapsax (talk) 02:22, 26 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]